PLL-Taking This One to the Grave

Guys, this is soooooooo meta! The title of this episode is FROM the theme song!

We open with the girls crying over someone’s death. The way Hannah is crying and Spencer is missing, I assume it’s Spencer??!! WHO IS DEAD?!

Okay wait right when the girls are staring at the crime scene, mourning, A texts them “It’s all your fault.”

Guys I think it’s time they took this one to the police, right?? Like people are getting murdered and shit NONSTOP!

OMG MONA’S mom is creepy as fuck guys, I can’t handle the dolls and french record playing and her unblinking stare! Bitch is gonna need some restasis, her eyes are gonna be dryyyyyy! Blink, bitch!


How is Allison going to “end” the game?!


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